Options for Displaying A Leaf Your Love Guest Book Alternative Tree Print:


  • ROLLED KEEPSAKE:  Unroll the print at your event and hold down the corners with some paper weights (such as polished stones etc).  After your event is over, roll it back up and save it as a keepsake. Or you may decide to have it framed after the event is over to hang on your walls.  
  • FOAM CORE MOUNT:  Have the print mounted on a foam core board before your event and guests can sign the mounted print either flat on a table or propped up on an easel.  After your event is over, if you want, have the piece framed.
  • READY-MADE FRAME:  Have the print mounted on a thin piece of mat board.  Then you can purchase a ready-made frame in the size of your print, and remove the glass for the event.   Prop it up on a easel or lay it flat for signing.  Once the event is over, re-insert the glass.
  • CUSTOM FRAMING:  A frame shop can mount the print on foam core board and insert this into the frame of your choice, with or without a mat border.  Prop this up on an easel or lay flat at your event.  Once the event is over, your frame shop can insert glass.