Thumbprint & Leafed Tree Guest Book Artwork

A Unique Guest Book Alternative for Wedding, Anniversary, Birthday, Retirement and Other Special Events




How It Works:    You and your guests take part in creating a one-of-a-kind guest book tree design, an alternative to the traditional guest book that often ends up in a drawer after your wedding or event is over.  You might create a guest book tree for a wedding, an anniversary party, a bridal shower, an engagement party, a 50th, 60th, or 75th birthday, or any event where you want to remember all the people that surrounded you on your special day.

Size & Bark Design:    First you select a tree size based on your size guest list.  I can create a guest book tree for as few as 25 guests or as many as 500.  Then you select your favorite tree bark.  You might choose a tree bark with earth tones, or perhaps you’d like something in shades of blue. Or colors which remind you of scarlet begonias … or a sunshine daydream … or fire on the mountain.  You might choose hues that work with the colors of your event, your home decor or just speak to your heart.

Your Message:  You decide the message you want your guest book tree to convey and how it will look:  Maybe the lyrics to a song that mean something to you and your special someone, or perhaps the word ‘love’ in seven different languages along with the date and place you will tie the knot.  Or maybe you want your name in burnt orange and a poem in teal.  Perhaps you will choose a stamped earthy organic font for an alternative to a bar or bat mitzvah sign in board or a vintage font for a golden anniversary celebration.

Leaves:  Thumbprint or Leafed Tree Guest Book?  Printed leaves in any color you can envision, perfectly placed on your tree and ready for guests to sign – or – you might like a more free-form artsy approach and choose the Thumbprint Tree Ink option, where your tree arrives without any leaves at all and guests decide where to place the leaves by stamping their thumbprint on your tree and then signing their leaf.  Some people even choose to just have guests stamp their thumbprint leaf on the tree and forgo the signature.  It’s all up to you how you want your tree to look.  Included with this thumbprint option are 3 coordinating shades of green hybrid ink pads and test cards so that each guest can test out their leaf before leafing it on your guest book tree.

Add Eco Elements:  You may prefer the tree with its intricate bark design to stand alone as the sole design element on your guest book.  Or you may want to add some Eco Elements to your tree:  a patch of winding grass; a pair of lovebirds in any color you’d like or maybe green hummingbirds with a squirrel in the tree and a few rainbow colored dragonflies in the middle.  You could have five tulips to represent a 50th birthday celebration (one flower for every decade) or three different butterflies for a Golden Anniversary celebration – representing the couples’ three children.

Proofing:  After you’ve selected all your design elements, in about a week, I will email you with a jpg draft of your guest book tree.  You can email your changes and I’ll make as many changes as you’d like.  Then, once you love it, I print it and ship the package to you.

Leaf Your Love:  If you are a guest at the wedding or event, you will help continue with the design process, by creating & completing the leaves of the tree  – with your thumbprint and/or signature which become the delicate veins of the leaves and maybe even a small message to the guest(s) of honor in the leaves.   It is definitely a unique, one of a kind thing – for someone that likes to do things … just a little bit differently.  And your guests will think it’s pretty cool too.